Teamwork at its best!


Often we think of those in need in our community over the holiday season. This year we decided to invest in our stakeholders. We have heard over the years that many of the people we work alongside each day struggle putting a Thanksgiving meal on the table for their families. We asked our stakeholders to submit their names to receive a bag of Thanksgiving meal items. I counted the names on the last day so I knew exactly how many bags we needed. The management team committed to bringing in one bag each. Word spread throughout the facility and many others wanted to be a part of the giving effort. Today as the groceries came in I was thrilled to see that God provided enough food to distribute a bag to every name that was submitted, 25 exactly, no more, no less! A BIG thank you to the many stakeholders that gave of themselves with joy to make this possible. This is really an amazing team to be a part of. Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless each one of you!