Day 1 of Nurses Week

Signature HealthCARE of Lafayette is honoring our wonderful nurses this week. Prizes are being awarded each day through a raffle by our Talent Manager, Beth. Thanks for making it so special for our awesome nurses and QMAs.

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National Day of Prayer

Signature HealthCARE of Lafayette joined other local facilities and many others today focusing on the power of prayer. Our speakers included Dan Young, Marty Cotterman, Matthew Sims and Joe Mims. They represented local churches, our government, law enforcement and our own SHC facility in prayer.

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Anniversary Celebration

George and Phyllis Clark took time together today to celebrate their anniversary. We set up a special table for them to enjoy some time together. Congratulations to you both and thanks for letting Signature HealthCARE of Lafayette celebrate with you!

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Occupational Therapy Month

Signature HealthCARE of Lafayette is celebrating Occupational Therapy Month in April. Take a moment to thank all our wonderful OTs and COTAs.

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Glitz and Glamour


Last night Signature HealthCARE of Lafayette put on the face of Hollywood and opened the doors for a night of music and fun. Here are some of the decorations and staff pulling it all together. Great job Quality of Life team!

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Art Cafe Project


Signature HealthCARE of Lafayette residents embraced their inner creative passion and created quilts from scrap paper. They were given the tools and supplies they needed to create their own quilts. Speech Therapy, QOL & Spirituality departments partner together to make this fun event happen every Tuesday and Thursday. The quilts turned out beautifully!

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