2017 Resident Christmas with Santa

The QOL department hosted a festive Christmas celebration for our residents and their families. The staff all came together to sing, pass out gifts and enjoy the season together. Merry Christmas to all. Great job Quality of Life team, you are the best!

Elvis comes to Lafayette

Elvis Presley was represented by this wonderful man in our facility this past weekend. Roy Reynolds and his wife came to sing and visit with our folks. The dining room was full of people wearing sunglasses and singing along with Elvis. He passed out scarves and teddy bears to the residents. Thank you Elaine, Teresa and the Art Café for making this event happen! It will be remembered for a long time!

Pinnacle Roll Out at SHC of Lafayette

Lorie Smith, DON, encouraged the nursing staff to become involved in the new Pinnacle program. This is an opportunity for advancement and an increase in pay for our stakeholders. There are 3 steps to complete the program. The end result makes SHC of Lafayette an even better place for both staff and residents. Our hopes are that many of our aides and nurses will get involved and make this a goal for next year!

Teamwork at its best!


Often we think of those in need in our community over the holiday season. This year we decided to invest in our stakeholders. We have heard over the years that many of the people we work alongside each day struggle putting a Thanksgiving meal on the table for their families. We asked our stakeholders to submit their names to receive a bag of Thanksgiving meal items. I counted the names on the last day so I knew exactly how many bags we needed. The management team committed to bringing in one bag each. Word spread throughout the facility and many others wanted to be a part of the giving effort. Today as the groceries came in I was thrilled to see that God provided enough food to distribute a bag to every name that was submitted, 25 exactly, no more, no less! A BIG thank you to the many stakeholders that gave of themselves with joy to make this possible. This is really an amazing team to be a part of. Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless each one of you!

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Turkey Trot 2017

Residents and Stakeholders gathered on this crisp fall day to join Mr. Turkey for a trot around the building. The Quality of Life department provided hats and feathers as a nice touch for the residents. Hot cocoa and cookies were ready and waiting as well. Thanks to all that participated and to Jessie for being the turkey that lead the way.

Speech Therapist gets a big Thank you!


Elaine received a note today from a grateful family member:
Dear Elaine, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for loving and serving mom…I believe you are hugely responsible for mom adjusting so well to SHC…sh needed more physical and social interaction. We felt like the Lord opened the doors for mom to out live her last days here in Lafayette. You have been so kind…thanks for everything you continue to do… and she loves Avery (the cat) too! In Jesus love, Sherry Caldwell

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James 1:27 Mission


SHC of Lafayette has joined the ranks of the James 1:27 Mission Project. We are currently working with one community volunteer and one community chaplain for our facility. We are praying that God will send many more volunteers our way. We have sent out 30 letters to churches and organizations in the surrounding area in hopes of enlisting more volunteers with more letters to follow. Please pray with us for a community that sees the need and responds to it.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

IMG_1229 IMG_1231

We were all encouraged to wear pink today in support of awareness for breast cancer. Our team looked great and embraced the cause! Even the maintenance department joined the effort! Great job, you guys are awesome!

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Dietary’s New Menu


Recently, we have seen some new food choices served in our facility. This is just one example of the colorful and tasty options offered in our facility. Great job team!